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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Fishers Island?

Fishers Island is located between the state of Connecticut and Long Island, NY. Technically part of New York state, Fishers has its own, unique zip code - 06390 - that, thanks to the starting '0,' is a reminder of how close the island is to the coast of CT (all CT zip codes begin with a '0' and, excepting two IRS zip codes, all NY zip codes begin with a '1'). The primary method of reaching Fishers Island is via ferry from New London, CT.

Are you active on social media?

Yes! Especially during the summer months. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Where can I purchase photos that appear on your Instagram account?

Our photographs can be purchased through Fine Art America. Not all of our Instagram snaps get uploaded, so if you can't find the photo you are looking for, shoot us a line and we'll try to get it loaded up for you asap!

I saw something on Zazzle that I would like Fishers-ized!

Please let us know! Through Zazzle, we are able to offer a wide range of items and are regularly adding new designs. However, they have a huge inventory of available products (from lamps, to pet bowls, to favor boxes, to ping pong paddles - and much more!) so just let us know if there is something that's at the top of your list to get the "Fishers" treatment and we'll push it up on our list too! Contact us here.