A few of our go-to island projects, organizations and vendors with an online presence.

Fishers Island

Keeping an eye on the island's ecosystem. Be sure to check out their event schedule.

Fishers Island Library

Definitely a contender for the title of, 'best little library in all the world.'

Island People's Project

Building and strengthening the island community.

Fishers Island Oyster Farm

Delicious oysters, sustainably raised. Can't make it to Fishers? Order online.

Fishers Island Theater

Get the island movie schedule delivered to your inbox.

Lighthouse Works

A non-profit organization, offering on-island fellowships to artists and writers.

The Beach Plum

Fishers Island's own gift shop with an ever-tempting range of offerings.

The Pequot

Pizza, oysters, beer - also, dancing. Summer only.

Summer Shuckers

Fishers Island oysters to your door and shucked on premises. Summer only.

A red-roofed white house with pink mallows blooming in the forefront. An osprey circling at sunset. A view of the Race Rock Light from Fishers Island. The Munnatawket ferry arriving into Silver Eel Cove. Howe Scales sign fown by the Fishers Island ferry dock. The entrance to Chocomount Beach.